Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WikiLeaks: Role of ISI, CIA and MI6

WikiLeaks: Role of ISI, CIA and MI6

AFRASYAB KHATAK OF ANP said that during Zia era it was America who announced Jihad against Soviets in Afghanistan. He said that Jihad was being taught in Madrassa's with American money at that time. He said that we never tried to asses the aftermath of Afghan Jihad. He said that after 9/11 Musharaf decided to cooperate with Americans with out paying any heed. He said that Dictators take decisions of their choice and agencies do not take any action. He said that no body can say for sure that who the Jihadi groups are working for. He said that Pakistan should take decisions in its best interest.
SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML (Q) said that America hired some religious scholars to motivate people for Jihad. He said that later on these Jihadi groups got involved in sectarian violence. He said that corrupt political leaders can not check the activities of agencies in Pakistan. He said that there is no greater terrorist agency than CIA in the world. He said that America is responsible for state sponsored terrorism around the world. He said that CIA has a history of terrorism. He said that the opinion to have dialog with terrorist is wrong and it did not work any where in the world. He said that people who killed innocent Pakistanis should never be invited for dialog. He said that the Pakistani agencies should through out every American agent present in Pakistan.
KHURSHEED MAHMOOD KASURI FORMER FOREIGN MINISTER said that the validity of the Wikileaks report is needed to be verified. He said that if the interest of Pakistan after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is not covered it will create lot of problems for Pakistan. He said that Al-Qaeda does not need permission to be in any country of the world. He said that Al-Qaeda was present in America at the time of 9/11. He said that India offered its logistic support to America after 9/11. He said that India wanted to finish off both Pakistan and Taliban's through America. He said that Pakistan wants to engage America in dialog with Taliban's. He said that America wants Pakistan to take care of its all priorities in our region. He said that the Indian relationship with Northern Alliance of Afghanistan is known to every body. He said that it is impossible that America could ignore Pakistani interest in the region.
GENERAL (R) HAMEED GUL FORMER DG ISI said that the Wikileaks report about ISI is published to pressurize President Obama. He said that India and Israel do not want American forces to leave Afghanistan. He said that Wikileaks reports are published about Muslim countries only. He said that India is doing its best to declare Pakistan and ISI terrorist entities by world community.-
ڈیوڈ کیمرون کے دورے کے دوران اب ایم آئی سکس کی کاروائیاں بڑھانے کا فیصلہ کیا گیا ہے۔خورشید محمود قصوری
پاکستان کے جہادی گروپوں کے بارے میں کوئی نہیں کہہ سکتا کہ وہ کس کے لئیے کام کر رہے ہیں۔افراسیاب خٹک
پاکستان کو تمام فیصلے اپنے مفاد کو سامنے رکھ کر کرنے ہوں گے۔افراسیاب خٹک
دہشت گردوں سے بات چیت کرنے کا کوئی فائدہ نہیں ہو گا۔شیخ وقاص اکرم
جو پاکستانیوں کو مار رہا ہے اس سے کبھی بات نہیں ہونی چاہئیے۔شیخ وقاص اکرم
Watch Islamabad Tonight – 26th April 2011 | Senator Afrasiab Khattak ANP, Sheikh Waqas Akram PML-Q and Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan and Gen. (R) Hameed Gul Former DG ISI in fresh episode of Islamabad Tonight in AAJ Tv & discusses current issue with Nadeem Malik.
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