Monday, February 21, 2011

Breaking: American arrested in Pakistan is CIA contractor- Washington Post

Breaking: American arrested in Pakistan is CIA contractor- Washington Post
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The American who fatally shot two men in Pakistan last month and who has been described publicly as a diplomat is a security contractor for the CIA, U.S. officials confirm.

The disclosure compounds an already combustible stand-off between the two countries and complicates U.S. ...efforts to win the contractor's release

Raymond Davis has spent much of the past two years working as part of a group of covert CIA operatives, whose mission appears to have centered on conducting surveillance of militant groups in large cities including Lahore.
At the time of his arrest, Davis was based at a house with five other CIA contractors as well as a former agency staff officer.

Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik - The Raymond Davis Case

Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik - The Raymond Davis Case


Federal Government's Determination on Raymond Davis to Be Final and Conclusive- Aitzaz Ahsan
No Blanket Immunity for Raymond Davis- Shah Mehmood Qureshi
Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik - Aitzaz Ahsan on Raymond Davis Case
AETZAZ AHSAN SENIOR POLITICAL LEADER said that Pakistan and America will go to the extreme on Raymond Davis case. He said that Pakistan and America both need each other. He said that Fozia Wahab can not hold a press conference of her own she must be directed by some body from the government. He said that it is possible that the Fozia's press conference was to see the reaction of the people of Pakistan. He said that according to Pakistani law federal government is authorized to allot diplomatic immunity. He said that Shah Mahmood Qureshi has told in detail in his press conference that Raymond Davis does not enjoy diplomatic immunity. He said if federal government presents diplomatic immunity certificate in the court for Raymond Davis it will be final. He said that it is not difficult to know that how many Americans are living in Pakistan. He said that question should be asked to the government that how many Americans are living in Pakistan. He said that even if court convicts Raymond Davis in the case of murder president has the power to wave his punishment. He said that Shah Mahmood Qureshi was emotional during press conference but was solid in his views. He said that Shah Mahmood Qureshi press conference helped the government to present its difficulties in front of the Americans. He said that it will not be fair on the behalf of People's Party leaders to call Shah Mahmood Qureshi a friend of Pervez Musharaf or being Farooq Laghari.
KHWAJA SAAD RAFIQ OF PML (N) said that John Kerry has come to Pakistan to free Raymond Davis. He said that PML (N) has its own point of view on Raymond Davis issue. He said that during investigations it has been established that Raymond Davis is guilty of killing two people. He said that some Pakistani friends of Americans are advising them to pay defray to the families of the victims for the release of Raymond Davis. He said that if government gives Raymond Davis a forge certificate of diplomatic immunity then PML (N) will play the role of opposition.

Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik - The Raymond Davis Case

Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the US employee Raymond Davis doesn't enjoy blanket immunity as sought by the US. Addressing the press conference, former minister said the foreign office had briefed him on January 31st that the blanket immunity that the US was demanding for Raymond Davis could not be provided.
  • Raymond Davis Case
    Watch Islamabad Tonight ? 15th February 2011 | Tasneem Ahmad Qureshi PPPP, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra PML-N, Waseem Akhtar MQM and Siraj-Ul-Haq JI in fresh episode of Islamabad Tonight in AAJ Tv & discusses current issue with Nadeem Malik.
  • The second-in-command of the Georgian Embassy was sentenced to 7-21 years behind bars, and sent to a federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, for killing a girl in car acccident. He was removed from a federal prison in North Carolina in June 2000 and repatriated to finish serving his sentence in the Republic of Georgia.
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A former Georgian diplomat, convicted in the high-speed crash that killed a teen-age U.S. girl three years ago, was returned to his home Friday in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, where he was to finish serving his sentence.
  • Britain severed diplomatic relations with Libya in 1984 and restored in 1999 after the Libyan Government admitted it bore "general responsibility" for WPC Fletcher's death, who was killed by the Libyan Embassy Guard in London. Libya also paid a six-figure sum in compensation to her family.
    A police officer has been killed after shots were fired from the Libyan People's Bureau in central London.
  • US Senator John Kerry assured that Raymond Davis would be tried in US court, adding that Americans believe in rule of law. Kerry expressed deep sorrow on behalf of Americans over the killing of Pakistani citizens. He said the relationship between the two countries would not be allowed to derail over one issue.
  • ‎"We're going to be continuing to work with the Pakistani government to get this person released. Obviously, we're concerned about the loss of life. We're not callous about that, but there is a broader principle at stake," Barack Obama said. "We expect Pakistan... to abide by the same convention," Obama told a news conference.

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