Thursday, September 22, 2016


  1. Nadeem Malik Live

  2. I added a video to a playlist Army Ki Taiyari Puri | Nadeem Malik Live | 21 Sept 2016

  3. Former US President Ronald Reagan on Afghan Mujahideen

  4. Ronald Reagan on Afghan Mujahideen

  5. What should be Response to Indian Threats : via

  6. will not allow externally sponsored terrorism and threats of destabilization to cause turbulence in Pakistan: PM

  7. has been the principal victim of terrorism including that supported, sponsored and financed from abroad: PM

  8. demand an inquiry into the extra-judicial killings, and a UN fact finding mission to investigate brutalities in Occupied

  9. demand release of political prisoners; end curfew; freedom; medical help; abrogation of draconian laws; remove travel ban

  10. open to discussing all measures of restraint & responsibility with India in any forum or format & without any conditions: PM

  11. #Pakistan#1 Test . Well deserved

  12. Positive Beginning: میں مہاجر نہیں، پاکستانی ہوں:

  13. presents resolution in Sindh Assembly demanding action against Altaf Hussain under Article 6, along with

  14. I added a video to a playlist Nadeem Malik Live- 20 Sept 2016

  15. Gen Musharraf see end of Altaf Hussain in Politics

  16. Gen Musharraf talks about extremist India & Modi

  17. Who created Mujahideen in the words of

  19. I just uploaded "PM Policy Statement at " to :

  20. I added a video to a playlist Nadeem Malik Live – 19 Sept 2016

  21. Indian atrocities in occupied

  22. Corps Commanders take note of the hostile narrative being propagated by India

  23. has won the International 2016. The only Asian and Youngest one

  24. Timing of has shifted focus away from Indian atrocities in Occupied ahead of

  25. اے سبز گنبد والے منظور دعا کرنا جب وقتِ نزع آئے دیدار عطا کرنا

  26. Amazing

  27. Compulsory Tax Audit of All Parliamentarians is a Must for Transparency & Compliance






Nadeem Malik Live is a flagship current affairs programme of Samaa.TV. The programme gives independent news analysis of the key events shaping future of Pakistan. A fast paced, well rounded programme covers almost every aspect, which should be a core element of a current affairs programme. Discussion with the most influential personalities in the federal capital and other leading lights of the country provides something to audience to help them come out with their own hard hitting opinions.

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