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Top 10 News Channels of Pakistan

Top 10 News Channels of Pakistan
Gallup TV Ratings Service (the only National TV Ratings Service) released a report on most popular News Channels. The report is compiled on the basis of the Gallup TV Ratings Services, the only National TV Ratings available for Pakistan.
According to the report Geo News had an average reach of around 7 million Cable and Satellite Viewers in the month of May. Second in line was PTV News (by a huge margin!) with only 1.5 million viewers, followed by Express, ARY and AAJ News TV Channels.
The channel list below provides list of other top ten news channels. Please note that the figures released are not counting the viewership of Terrestrial TV Viewers. These terrestrial TV viewers still occupy a majority of TV viewers in the country. Similarly the figures released are for Top News Channels only, and do not include, for example, entertainment channels, music channels, etc.


Data Source: Gallup Pakistan
TA: Adults 18+, CnS Viewers
Period: MAY 2013
RankChannel NameAvg Reach %Avg Reach '000
1GEO News16.5687,027
2PTV News3.6471,547
3ARY News3.3911,438
4Express News3.1671,343
5AAJ News2.32984
6Samaa TV2.105893
7BBC World1.138483
9KTN News0.892378
10Indus News0.851361


Election Month
It is worth noting that this was the Election Month, the viewership of some channels saw a rise and surprisingly some international channels including BBC and CNN also came in the top ten list.
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