Thursday, February 10, 2011


Watch Now Islamabad tonight 9th february 2011
QAZI HUSSAIN AHMED OF JI said that no murderer can have diplomatic immunity according to international laws. He said that America is shamelessly demanding the release of Raymond Davis. He said that Pakistan does not need dollars to be the slave of America. He said that the government needs to change its boasting attitude. He said that three years is not enough time to change the system but at least direction would have been set. He said that the country was looted under every dictator rule. He said that our military generals have become billionaires and we need a people's army. He said that nation has been divided into casts and sects. He said that Pakistan needs revolution to resolve its problems. He said that the situation in Pakistan can only improve if we say no to America on its so called war against terrorism. He said that ten innocent people are being killed to get rid of one suspected terrorist.
NAZAR MOHAMMAD GONDAL OF PPPP said that it takes some time to change the system and three years time is not enough. He said that it was impossible to bring reforms in the country because of the discontinuation of democracy. He said that Egypt and Tunis type revolution is impossible in Pakistan. He said that media and judiciary are free in Pakistan. He said that every dictator introduced a new system in Pakistan and they all failed. He said that despite of the precarious economic situation Pakistan's reserves have been reached to 17 billion dollars and export increase is 25 percent. He said that Pakistan is in war like situation. He said that people who criticize us for supporting America have been American allies during Afghan war against soviets. He said that we should not be emotional about Raymond Davis case because it is in the court to decide. He said that he can not tell the exact number but the new cabinet will be smaller one.
KASHMALA TARIQ OF PML (Q) said that as log the names of the new cabinet are not announced it is difficult to judge the honesty of the government. She said that if people of previous cabinet are going to be the part of new one then nothing is going to change. She said that soon PML (N) will throw out PPPP ministers from Punjab government. She said that after getting rid of PPPP ministers PML (N) will play the role of real opposition for six months and finally will demand new elections early next year. She said that her party demands information from government on American presence in the country but their demand is always turned down. She said that Americans have rented about 250 residences in Islamabad. She said that new cabinet should be consisting of capable and honest people. She said that government already has their best in the cabinet and it will be difficult for them to find better people.
RAZA HAROON OF MQM said that MQM will not be the part of the cabinet for the time being. He said that no body can say any thing for sure in politics. He said that Pakistan is unable to clear its policy to America in last 63 years. He said that Pakistan needs to stand on its own feet. He said that on the cruel punishment of Dr Afia president Obama said that courts are free in America. He said that we should also support our courts on Raymond Davis case. He said that government needs to be wise on the decision of smaller cabinet. He said that if new cabinet fail to deliver then good decision will be termed as bad one.

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