Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ISLAMABAD TONIGHT: انقلاب کا نعرہ

ISLAMABAD TONIGHT: انقلاب کا نعرہ
Watch Now Islamabad Tonight – 24th January 2011


SHEIKH RASHEED AHMED OF AML said that the concept of a democratic welfare state is to provide security and employment to its citizens. He said that people are talking about military rule instead of democracy. He said that the economy of the country is in abyss and Pakistan is heading towards a fail state. He said that in his opinion elections should be held after four years. He said that political parties are already lining up for new elections. He said that the ten points of PML (N) is in fact the agenda of IMF. He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif is afraid that things might go in the hands of military again. He said that the four provinces of Pakistan instead of embracing or cuddling each other are ready to cut each other throat. He said that it is so unfortunate that military is being called to control the chaotic situation of the country by the people of Pakistan. He said that elected members of the assembly are also asking for military action. He said that if the bad shape of the economy is not retrieved India will take over Pakistan's markets. He said that country is heading towards anarchy and mothers are afraid to send their children to school of their own. He said that the law and order situation in the country is so bad that two people in his constituency are kidnapped from their homes for ransom. Commenting on the statement of Altaf Hussain on revolution Sheikh Rasheed said that he will prefer the revolution of Tunisia in Pakistan instead of France. He said that we need to go through and scrutinize our system to revise it. He said that corruption is so rampant that all major institutions are about to collapse. He said that five teams of economists in the past have been failed to show any progress and now government is trying a new team. He said that FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN instead of providing any financial support gave us a big zero. He said that no country is ready to invest in Pakistan. He said that the decision to appoint Latif Khosa as the governor of Punjab was made in the life of Salman Taseer.
KHAWAJA SAAD RAFIQ OF PML (N) said that Altaf Hussain calls himself the champion of democracy but he is inviting military for the solutions of the problems of the country. He said that PML (N) opposes the use of military against miscreants any where in the country including Karachi. He said that political leaders should show some maturity and raise their stature from student leadership level. He indirectly attacked on MQM by saying that Karachi should be freed from BHATTA KHORS. He said that we should not be pessimistic but be optimistic. He said that there are so many positive things happen in the recent past. He said that restoration and freedom of judiciary and independence of media are the positive gestures of the democratic government. Commenting on the statement of Altaf Hussain that revolution like France is knocking on the doors of Pakistan he said that it is so easy to talk about the revolution of France but it is so difficult to deal with it. He said that if revolution comes it will drift away every thing including Altaf Hussain and his party MQM. He criticized the idea of calling military in Punjab or Karachi to control miscreants. He said that some people want military to take over every province of Pakistan to control chaos then why not Islamabad should also be given in the control of military. He said that it is time for politicians to be serious and show some resolve with honesty in the best interest of the country. He said that if the demand to accept ten point agenda is not met PML (N) will throw out Peoples Party from Punjab government. He said that federal government must show some seriousness and eagerness to consider ten point agenda otherwise PML (N) will demand re-elections in the country.
AMEER MUQAM KHAN OF PML (Q) said that his party demands to call military to take action against miscreants in Karachi.

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