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Islamabad Tonight – 8th December 2010
Karim Khan, Mirza Shahzad Akbar Advocate, Gen. (R) Hamid Nawaz Former Caretaker Interior Minister, Khairullah Jan and Saadaullah in fresh episode of Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik.

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NADEEM MALIK Victims of Drone Attacks: Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik

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NADEEM MALIK Instability in western Pakistan could cause Pakistan to completely lose control of its Pashtun territories over the next few years. Pashtun tribal authority has broken down. Policy of neglect of Pashtun areas and still lacks a strategy to deal with social problems of illiteracy, unemployment, and disaffected youth. Bot...h of these situations play to the advantage of insurgent and extremist groups.

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The relatives of the innocent victims of drone attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan who are going to file a lawsuit against American government for compensation were the guests of Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik.


Kareem Khan, a journalist from tribal area, said that his home was attacked for no reason. He lost his son, brother and a mason working at his home. He said that it is absolute lie that any terrorist was hiding in his house (Hujra) during the drone attack. He said he or his family has nothing to do with terrorism or terrorists.

He claimed that in his area people are hired for only Rs-5000 to plant the sim (which guides drones through GPS) to facilitate drone attacks.

He lamented that there is no Pakistan government authority or court for tribal people so they could file their complaint against a crime or injustice.

He said in tribal areas normally a political agent represents the government but is not very helpful to people.

A young boy of grade seven Sada Ullah who lost his both legs and right eye in a drone attack said that it was time to break the fast in the month of Ramadan when his house was attacked. He said that he was a student and not a terrorist.

Kher Ullah the brother of another victim of drone attack said that his brother was a college student. He said that his brother was on his way back from college in a car with his friends when drone hit them and killed every body. He said none of the people in the car was terrorist.

He appealed to the government that they are Pakistani citizens and drone attacks should be stopped in tribal areas.

Mirza Shehzad Akbar a lawyer in Islamabad trying to help drone attacks victims of tribal areas to get compensation from the US government said that drone attacks are against the international laws. He said no law allows killing or punishing any body without a trial. He said he has served a fourteen days notice to US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, CIA Director Leon Panetta and CIA Station Chief in Islamabad Jonathan Banks to compensate the victims.

Shehzad claimed that drone attacks in Pakistan are taking place under the command of CIA chief in Islamabad. He said he has support of some American lawyers too. He appealed to Pakistani people to support their cause to get justice for the victims of drone attacks.

General Hamid Nawaz former interior minister during Musharaf era said there is no accord signed between Pakistan and America which allows them to attack Pakistani soil. He said that only logistic support was offered to America under Acquisition of Cross-Servcing Agreement (ACSA). He said if there was any verbal agreement between Musharaf and America it is not in his knowledge.

He condemned the drone attacks and called it the violation against the sovereignty of Pakistan and international laws. He said the democratically elected government of PPP should take steps to stop drone attacks.

Hamid Nawaz said every body knows that CIA and other American agencies are working in Pakistan. He said that CIA has bought and rented many houses in Islamabad and have a huge network.

General Hamid said that in tribal areas there are so many examples when local people used drone attacks to kill their personal enemies.

Senator Afrasyab Khatak said that people of tribal belt are being killed both by American drone attacks and local criminal element.

He said that he supports the cause of the victims of drone attacks to get justice and compensation. He promised that he will raise his voice and concern in the support of drone attacks victims on the floor of senate.

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